Termite Inspections and monitoring



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Termite inspection and termite monitoring in Omaha, NE




Facts about Termites & Carpenter ants.

-Termites cause, on average, $5 billion in property damage each year.

-Currently there is only two types of termite found in NE. they  are the eastern subterranean termite & the arid land subterranean termite.

-About 90% of structural wood damage can be traced back to wood in direct contact with soil.

Differences in appearance between Termites and Carpenter Ants:

-The antennae of carpenter ants will have a bend or elbow where termites are more straight or slight curve.

-Both pairs of termite wings are equal in size, whereas ants will have one set larger than the other.

-Ants have a small constricted waist between the last 2 segments of the body, where termites waist are much less defined.

Differences in the damage left behind:

-Termites must feed on cellulose which is found in wood.  Termites tunnel in their search for food leaving behind mud tunnels and etching in the side of surfaces.

-Carpenter ants are not really eating the wood, they are excavating decaying wood, leaving behind smooth and clutter free galleries.

Minimizing risks:

-Eliminate structural wood-to-ground contact

-Make sure mulch, shrubs, vines, or vegetation are not to close to the structure.

-Eliminate moisture problems like leaks or high humidity areas.

-Inspections and Monitoring

At Smith Pest Control, we inspect the entire interior and exterior of a structure using various of non intrusive instruments to see what maybe happening behind the walls minimizing over all damage to walls.  We can also help detect moisture prorblems such as a leaky roof or pipe as well.

We monitor for termite activity on various intervals depending on your wants and needs.

And as a customer, you'll benefit from our:


  • Reasonable rates

  • Easy appointment scheduling

  • Prompt, reliable crew


If you have an ant or termite problem in your home or business, count on us to break the cycle and prevent future infestations.  For more information about our ant extermination services or to set up an appointment, call Smith Pest Control today.




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