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Japanese Beetle Extermination Service in Omaha, NE


We at Smith Pest Control love animals and yes, some insects. We believe they have a right to live in nature — as long as they stay outside your home, don't bite people or pets, or don't eat your plants, once they do, They become pests.

Japanese Beetles start off life as an egg hatching in late Aug. A larva or white grub, living below ground feeding on roots of grasses until the following June.  When they mature they emerge from the ground feeding on leaves and pedals destroying trees, plants, and gardens. Not to mention they just look unsightly around your home or business.

Japanese Beetles feed on over 300 types of trees and plants but really prefer: Linden, Rose bush, Red Oak, Birch, Crab Apple,Japanese Maple, Weeping Cherry, & Magnolia.

DO NOT use traps, you will attract them from the whole neighborhood and your problem/population will literately multiply before your eyes.

It is important to recognize that both the adults and grubs cause damage. Therefore a combination of treating above and below ground should be used in extermination practices.  Since Japanese beetles are capable of traveling underground and flying from nearby areas, treating all the life stages must  be considered to eliminate the infestation.

Japanese Beetles are harmless to people or pets and are not a health concern, but they are a pest and will kill plants and trees if left uncontrolled.

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